Guess The Sound – Win Money ! Game rules

While we travel we hear a lot of strange certain sounds. We will share these sounds on our youtube channel and make a small guessing game. The person who describes the source of the sound the best – will win.

1. The sound should be described in comments section under the youtube video only.
2. The description of the sound should be accurate as much as it can be. The most accurate description will win. All guessings should include the source of the sound (what is making the sound or what kind of sound it is) and the location of sound (city,country or place). For example “Malaysian speaking in Langkawi” or “Parrots making sounds in Rio Grand Valley”.
3. All guessings should be made in english only.
4. Every person can guess as many times as he/she wants.
5. Winner will be announced 7 days after video uploud day in video description. The first person who describes the sound most accurate – wins.
6. The size of prize pool can be different for every game and can be found in video description on youtube.
7. The prize will be paid via paypal only.
8. Have fun !

Our youtube channel can be found >>HERE<<.