Seljavellir hot pool

On our way to Landmannalaugar we stop to check the pool which was built in 1920s. Old pool.

The parking lot is reachable with any kind of wehicle. It’s not a jeep road so you can easy come here. From parking lot it is about 15 minutes walk to the pool.  I recommend to put on hiking shoes as there will be few small rivers to cross.

When you reach the pool you will find a changing rooms but they are not very clean – messy tourist leaves a lot of trashes after themselves.. The pool itself is quite big. I believe that up to 100 people could fit in it. When we were visiting the pool we found only 5 persons taking a bath. Maybe it’s like that when it’s raining outside..

Finding place – Easy.
Distance from Reykjavik – 150 km.